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Wee Ka Siong says Batik Air’s launch of the Boeing 737-8 is a milestone in Malaysian aviation as it would be the first airline in Malaysia to operate the aircraft. – Wikimedia Commons pic, July 11, 2022.

THE rebranding of Batik Air after 10 years of being known as Malindo Air is an endeavour that holds much promise and benefits not just for the airline but also the aerospace and air transport industry, Transport Minister Wee Ka Siong said.

“I congratulate Batik Air for successfully completing this rebranding exercise and introducing Batik Air as a young and growing airline, offering competitive services within Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific, especially in the recent years,” he said at the rebranding ceremony and launching of the Boeing 737-8 to mark the beginning of its transformation, in Sepang today.

“I have also been made to understand that the strategic plans of the newly rebranded Batik Air is in tandem with the Lion Group of airlines, and hinging on the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) as the gateway for transit passengers from Indonesia to points in the Asia-Pacific and vice versa.

“Batik Air will promote the seamless transfers of these passengers via KLIA and further develop the strength of its network with the Lion Group of airlines as well as its partnerships with other airlines.

“This will enhance the future growth and connectivity for KLIA and the Malaysian aviation market.”

Also present were Batik Air chief executive officer Mushafiz Mustafa Bakri, Lion Air Group founder Rusdi Kirana, Civil Aviation Authority chief executive officer Chester Voo and Malaysian Aviation Commission executive chairman Saripuddin Kasim. 




Wee said the launch of the Boeing 737-8 to Batik Air’s fleet is a milestone in Malaysian aviation as it would be the first airline in Malaysia to operate the aircraft.

“The B737-8 can fly up to a maximum of eight hours. With this new aircraft, Batik Air will be able to improve its product offerings to travellers and operate further to new markets,” he said.

Wee said KLIA’s position as an aviation hub has also grown by offering direct connectivity to almost any part of the Asia-Pacific.

“With the aviation sector facing ongoing challenges, it will become even more important for both the airline and KLIA to jointly plan ahead for the future,” he said.

“In that spirit, the government remains resolutely committed to the strong positioning and sustained growth of KLIA.”

Mushafiz said the rebranding will enable the airline to be synchronised with its regional sister airline, Batik Air Indonesia, and recognised as a wider entity internationally, and this is in tandem with the Lion Group of airlines.

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