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环球视讯:US still a crucial partner for Malaysia

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AMERICA’S unyielding conviction in upholding the universal emblems of democracy, freedom, social justice, free and open economy and equitable prosperity serves as Malaysia’s principal support in maintaining a free, fair and open economic exchange. More importantly, to provide the support and assurance in security and technological development which are fundamental to the country and the region, amid the current twin challenges of pandemic recovery and economic depression.  

US-Malaysia cooperation in other non-military and humanitarian areas will go a long way in further cementing closer understanding and transfer of knowledge, experience, exposure and expertise in raising the local capability and readiness in facing future threats. Various impactful and meaningful social and educational initiatives that have been in place, the likes of the Fulbright Program, the YSEALI Initiative, as well as exchanges and collaborations in the education and sociocultural spheres, have fostered greater connection between the two countries.




Our future growth resilience and nation-building are driven by the fabric of high innovation, creativity, and building of vibrant and versatile human capital pillared by a knowledge- and technology-based economy. The advancement of the US in these fields and its capacities in protecting our national interest, survival and security remain crucial to our long-term future projection of growth and modernisation. Taking into account our strategic role in the region and being the driver of peaceful dialogue-building initiatives amid the changing global order and geopolitical climate, America remains our vital and indispensable partner in championing the cause of regional and global conflict management and peacebuilding measures.

The strengthening of comprehensive cooperation with the US in defence and security fields remains essential. This is reflected in the development and transfer of intelligence, technical and military expertise, and close cooperation in extending the bulwark of enlarged safety net in thwarting global terrorism. The US has provided nearly US$200 million in grant to the Malaysian Armed Forces since 2017, a testimony to the growing importance and depth of security partnership which has grown significantly over the past two decades. This cooperation remains paramount in providing the right capacity building for our armed forces, a platform further bolstered by the more than 100 security cooperation and partnership activities and programmes by the two countries.

The various joint exercises, training and surveillance, capacity support, intelligence sharing and various other security partnerships, including the Cobra Gold initiative, further deepen skill enhancement and joint interoperability capacities, especially in maritime security which are vital in facing both the resurging traditional and non-traditional threats.

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