KUALA LUMPUR: Stocks to watch for include CTOS Digital, Digi.Com, Favelle Favco, MK Land, Hextar Technologies Solutions, Classic Scene, Artroniq, LYC Healthcare and Pasukhas Group, said JF Apex Research.

CTOS Digital Bhd has proposed to buy a 19.9% stake in RAM Holdings Bhd from Creador’s Oscar Matrix Sdn Bhd for RM51.3mil cash, raising its shareholding to 39.1%. Bhd's 2Q22 net profit dropped 21.39% YoY to RM220.04mil, mainly due to the one-off prosperity tax.

Favelle Favco Bhd has bagged a total of RM42.7mil new purchase orders to supply tower cranes.

MK Land Holdings Bhd is diversifying into renewable energy with the development of a 10.95-megawatt (MW) large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) plant in Kerian, Perak.

The controlling shareholder of Hextar Technologies Solutions Bhd.




Datuk Eddie Ong, has bought over the company's entire stake of 14.94% in Classic Scenic Bhd in a related party transaction and he is now the largest shareholder of Classic Scenic with a stake of 32.06%.

Artroniq Bhd has proposed to diversify its business to acquire precision engineering and machinery parts manufacturing by acquiring a 60% stake in Penang-based Fujim Digital Sdn Bhd (FDSB) for RM12mil.

LYC Healthcare Bhd is acquiring two firms in Negeri Sembilan — Nutrogreen Health Industries Sdn Bhd (NHISB) and Kitta Enterprise — to strengthen its position in the nutraceutical business for RM525,000 and RM1mil respectively.

Pasukhas Group Bhd said Messrs Crowe Malaysia PLT (Crowe) has voluntarily resigned as the auditor of the company due to a disagreement on the audit fees.

Meanwhile, JF Apex said the FBM KLCI could remain sideways above the support of 1,394 points

On Friday, the US market rallied in a relief rebound following earnings announcements by banks such as Wells Fargo and Citigroup.

Similarly, European stocks rebounded despite weaker-than-expected Chinese GDP and central banks in Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and the Philippines raised interest rates.

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         AH溢价指数创新高,港股银行股步入低估值陷阱,反转何时到来?   近期A股市场走势稍显疲软,但与A股市场指数相比,港股市场的走势却更为低迷。其中,有一个对照经典的市场指标,可以看出AH股市场之间的折溢价率水平,由此反映出两地市场的估值订价差异情形。   停止现在,AH股溢价指数再创新高,且从6月份攀升以来,该指数累计上涨跨越15%的空间。从更详细的情形剖析,以AH股的银行股上市公司为例,彼此之间的折溢价率却到达了一个新高水平。例如,农业银行A股较H股的溢价率到达31.63%、工商银行A股较H股的溢价率为26.65%、故事线很完整